Constitution Of Federation

The shooting Ball federation of India itself or by its affiliated State Association/ Institution shall organize the National Shooting Ball Championships every year. Our Federation consist several jurisdiction, rules and regulations and power and duties.

Brief Rules Of Game

The Shooting ball is a report played by two teams on a playing court divided by a net. There are different version available for specific circumstances in order to offer the versality of the game to everyone. As such, brief rules are to be considered which are well explained as follows:-

Balance Sheet

As per auditor's report, it has been examined that the balance sheet of Shooting Ball Federation of India having its registered office at E-134, Kamla Nagar, Delhi- 110007 as at 31st March,2009, the income and expenditure account for the year ended on the date which are in agreement with the books of Accounts as maintained by the same federation. As such, its balance sheet as per 31st March, 2009 is well described below:-

Executive Commitee

1. Sh. Manoj Sule President [9826047247]
2. Sh. D.P. Singh Chairman (Executive)[9213891731]
3. Sh. Gulam Navi Khan Vice-President
4. Sh. Anil Arya   Vice-President
5. Sh. Khem Chand Gupta      Vice-President
6. Sh. B.S. Arya Vice-President
7. Sh. Shyambeer Vice-President
8. (Prof.) M.L. Gupta Fonunder Hony. Secy. Gen.[9810083501]
9. Sh. Rajiv Gupta   Joint Secy.
10. Sh. Ravinder Tomar Joint Secy.
11. (Prof.) M. Satyanandam  Joint Secy.
12. Dr. O.P. Nagar   Treasurer. [9810539808]
13. Sh. Attar Singh  Chairman (Technical)
14. Sh. Tulal Ahmad Executive Committee Member
15. Sh. Jitender Nagar Executive Committee Member
16. Sh. Bihari Khandari   Executive Committee Member
17. Sh. K.L Ahuja  Executive Committee Member
18. Miss. Rekha Padam Executive Committee Member


This is to certify that the latest election of the Federation Executive Committee were held on 26/07/07. The remaining tenure is 1 year 7 months & 9 days. The next election is due on 26/07/2011.

Next Events Of Next Calender Year

29th National Championship in all the 3 Wings for Boys & Girls (Senior, Junior & Sub-Junior) has been decided in General Council Meeting held on 28/11/09 at Jhajjar Haryana.........

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