Shootingball Federation of India

The sports of shootingball is one of the outstanding Indigenous Sports Discipline. It is played all over the country and even in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, U.K. Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh and U.S.A. Wherever the Indians have gone abroad they play the very game of shootingball. Hence there is International Shootingball confederation. it has a distinctive technique & rules of the game. Mainly use of loose and open fingers is not allowed. Number of  Players on one side is seven. The dimensions of playground are 32x32 ft. The height of net in the middle is 8 ft. 2 Inches & the air volume of leather ball is between 315-325 gm. Net is tightened on two poles, which are dug deep in the ground. Each pole is straightend with the help of two ropes which are dug deep in the ground. Member

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