Welcome Shootingball Federation of India
The shooting ball federation of India was founded by Prof. M.L. Gupta along with his friends & colleagues in 1976. Prof. Gupta was one of the outstanding players of this game. It struck him seriously as to why should not a federation to be formed and get it recognised by the govt. of India when all other games have their own recogonised national sports federations. He organised the first national championship in 1976 at Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi. This federation was recognised by the Govt. of India on 20th september 1985. Right from 1976 upto date 28 nationals in all the three wings for boys and girls (Senior, Junior and sub Junior) have taken place in different parts of the country. Prof. Gupta organised first world cup in 1992 in New Delhi comprising participation of India, Pakistan, Canada & U.K. in which India got the first place & Canada got the Second Place.

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